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Geoff Yelaska enjoys writing and performing with his band LIVEWIRE. With two original albums and a third currently in production, Geoff and his band are ready to entertain with a mix of Country Rock, Soul, and Jazz Ballads. Geoff worked professionally at the Bundaberg Met hotel back in the early 70's where he performed with artists like John Farnham, Russell Morris, Kamahl, Freddy Parris, Lee Conway and many others. Geoff also entertained in Brisbane's Valley in the early 70's at the Hacienda, the Jet Club, Torino's and the Waterloo - in the days when entertainers would do a half hour "floor show" performing covers from the 60's and early 70's. In 2010 Geoff teamed up with Phil Emmanuel and recorded an album of original songs. A compliation album is soon to be released as a tribute to Phil. The album is mainly comprised of middle of the road rock and ballads.

Geoff also has an album of original love songs/ballads that are performed in traditional swing style. Bass-Drums-Guitar - were recorded at Mothar Mountain Studios with the horns recorded at James Morrison Studios with Sydney's "Swing City Band" Geoff has had some success as a songwriter with the release of his song in August 2007 'My Imagination' through Nulla records and performed by Amos Morris. Geoff also performs his song "My Imagination".

Lee Conway

The Ghost of Midnight Run

Lee Conway is currently in the final stages of finishing a brand new album of originals at Mothar Mountain Music.

We are pleased to release a single track from Lee's upcoming album "Midnight Run" - "The Ghost of Midnight Run"

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